Latest Favorites

Happy Weekend everyone!  I’ve haven’t done this yet,  but I want to share with you all my latest favorite things. They can be either an event that happened, something about someone or just someone, an object, or even an idea or thought.  So here are my top 6 latest favorites: 1) Andalou Naturals 8 Berry … More Latest Favorites

10 Tips to Look Stylish in Sustainable Fashion Style

Hey Everyone!   Today Kate Sicangco is our guest blogger and she be will writing about 10 tips to look stylish in sustainable fashion style.  I hope you all enjoy it! You don’t have to cash-in your paycheck or values to look amazing. Just follow simple and inspired tips to stay fashion-forward and ecologically conscious. … More 10 Tips to Look Stylish in Sustainable Fashion Style

Baseball Cap Fashion

I have been wanting to get a New York Yankee baseball cap for a long while now.  I grew up in NYC and baseball caps are a staple fashion piece,more for men than women, but women wear them too.  New Era is a professional baseball cap company that is well known in men’s and urban … More Baseball Cap Fashion

Cool Fashion Links

Hey everyone!  My post, Styling with Jack Rogers, was chosen for this past week’s Links À La Mode at Independent Fashion Bloggers (! Here are some other fun fashion posts that were also chosen with my post! Enjoy! 🙂 Links à la Mode, September 8th Attire Club: A Quick Guide to Men’s Jumpsuits Cat Eyes & Skinny … More Cool Fashion Links

Putting pen to paper

Since I can remember,  I have had an unusual obsession with journals, planners,  and pens.  When I walk by the stationary section of any store,  9 times out of 10 I will stop to look and see what they have.  I don’t usually buy anything.  I don’t like spending money on things I can’t use … More Putting pen to paper

So I moved…..

Last time I wrote that I was moving out of my house because we sold it.  Did I ever say how much I hate moving?  Well…. I hate moving. The house was a disaster  zone for two weeks with boxes piled high in our living room taking up almost half of the space.  Little Roman … More So I moved…..